XYFitness kitchen is the first fitness kitchen which owns individual business kitchen, registered as an Ontario company, owns health certificates, food license, and Food Holders Certificates. 

Everything we have is to make us the professional in the health food area. What makes you go with us, is our food quality. 

BBQ is great, hamburger is not bad, sushi sounds like my dinner today. When health and loss weight is our primary goal, all these delicious food have to be put away. Is there anything that tasted great and can help us? Let us help you. Our food not only contains high protein and low fat, but also has a very delicious taste.


Please view our gallery for our good looking dishes, they are not just for demo, they are actual food in your lunch box. Think about when everyone else in your office or in your class are eating burgers or Tim donus, and you are the only one eating luxury designed health food. You will be the health representive to show your advanced life philosophy.

XYFitness kitchen is highly focusing on fitness people's daily intake. 5 days a week, 3 meals daily. We have enough different designed dishes to provide you non-repeatable food for over 2 weeks. We also have fully customized meal plans for each individual needs. 

Food for fitness is never saying to be boiled broccoli with chicken breast. We made it our way, health, delicious, and pretty.

We are here to help you.

We wish to serve you better. 

For any question, please click here to contact us.

Thank you.

Email: xyfitnesskitchen@gmail.com
Wechat: XYFitnessKitchen

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XYFitness Kitchen

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